Windshield Survey- New York City

Windshield Survey- New York City

Windshield Survey


This paper assesses the community health status at Manhattan Borough in New York City. First, the windshield survey introduces the county in its statistical base and late discusses the survey findings based on the issues identified. The three main health problems of the community are identified as the key community diagnosis. The vulnerable population discussed in this paper include overweight and obese people.

Manhattan Island is located in the southern part of the NY County bordering Hudson and Harlem rivers taking up to 22.81 square miles (Lim & Harris, 2015). It is among the key global, cultural, and financial centers. The assessment of population demographics shows that the medium age is 39 years (Stephens, 2014). The range of 0-18 years comprise of 25%, 19-25 years is 9%, 36-44 years is 24%, and 45-64 years is 16% while the rest is above 64 years. In addition, 51% of the population is dominated by females while the rest are males (Stephens, 2014). According to Ogden, Carroll, and Flegal (2014), the majority of the population (95%) is occupied by white residents while the remaining 5% is comprised of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans (Ogden et al., 2014). However, this situation can be different during the school months as students from other parts or outside the county attend the schools and colleges in the region.

 The following estimations on the socio-economic statistics in terms of employment rates, income levels, education level and housing were identified in 2015. The median income level per family was $45,000 per annum compared to a median income of $32,000 per household, where males earned more with $27,000 while females earned $21,000 (Lim & Harris, 2015). The unemployment rate is 7%; education rate of high school level is 80% and college degrees at 18% (Lim & Harris, 2015).

Overall Condition of the Community

Housing:There are three major public housing agencies in Manhattan that include NYC Housing Auth, NYC Housing Development and Related Affordable Housing. Most of the houses are multi-family, and story buildings, and no single rooms identified during the survey.  The majority of the houses are well-maintained despite being over five decades old. In general, the types of housing and environment show that the Manhattans’ residents are average income earners. There are notable differences in the quality of homes between the north and the southern part of the borough. In the north, the houses appeared to be more expensive/newer and spacious compared to the one from the southern region where the houses are less expensive and older.

Open Spaces: Manhattan Island is more urbanized and built-up with less open spaces per square kilometer. There are minimal and restricted green spaces as the available open spaces are public playgrounds, fields for outdoor sports, town parks, road reserves or parking spaces. They include Central Park Zoo, Yankee Stadium, 5th Street Recreation Park, and NY botanical garden among others. The activities that take place in these spaces include recreation activities, people walking their dogs, car parks, or kids playing. The playing fields are well-groomed, and there is adequate lighting in recreation grounds and streets while some parking areas have surveillance cameras.


Transportation: During the survey period, there were various forms of transport available in the area. The most common form of public transport was automobiles such as buses, cabs while private means included personal cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. Sidewalks and streets are well maintained with sufficient traffic light and directional signs.

Protection Services: Since the borough is densely populated in a planned urban environment, there were few security agencies observed per square kilometer. However, most homes and residential apartments were manned by private security personnel in addition to numerous surveillance cameras that helped in beefing u………………….

Windshield Survey- New York City

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